Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Guns, Drugs and Monsters – by Steve Niles

A Cal McDonald mystery

This was a fun, quick read, only 196 pages, several of which are blank filler pages. The story, however, had a very noir feeling to it. There is the old, scarred detective, named Cal Mcdonald, living in a rat-hole of a place, where it always seems to be raining and working jobs no one else will touch. Just one thing though, he works cases that involve the supernatural. You know, things like vampires, warewolves, and pimple faced kids using black magic. He also has a partner that is a Ghoul, which for those of you that don’t know, is an undead person walking around. Cal doesn’t seem to mind though, ghouls are very passive and hard workers. They make great postal workers.

This story starts out with Cal receiving a head in the mail. It is an old friend of his from LA, and after the head explains how it got there, Cal decides to pack his bag and head over to help fix things.

This is definitely a bizarre trip through an America populated by monsters, freaks and ghouls. The book was printed in Canada and costs $16.99 but I found it at Borders. I loved reading it and I think anyone with a sense of humor and a fondness for the strange and unusual, will like it as well. You can read this book without reading any of the others, but I think I’m hooked and will be buying some of the other Cal McDonald mysteries, starting with Savage Membrane.


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